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Caramel Corn just doesn't get any better than Wildcat Creek's Famous Recipe.  The most delicious you've ever tasted . . .

     Because Wildcat Creek Farms is a family-owned business, we can control every aspect of our harvest.  Our farm-grown popcorns are harvested, processed, graded, and packaged right here on the farm.
If it's not the finest quality . . .
You won't find a Wildcat Creek label on the package!
     I'd like to thank you for visiting our website.  Feel free to browse to your hearts content.  You may want to take advantage and download our nifty screen saver.  It's great fun and it's free.  Tell your friends about it too!

     You can check-out our history, mission, products, etc., by clicking on the buttons here at the left.  Also see the easy order instructions.

     We're not the largest or most famous (yet) popcorn processor in America . . . But we do consider ourselves one of the finest.  Have a great day and Enjoy!




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